December 21, 2016

We Worked For Health In 2016

The holiday season is upon us, with a new year following closely behind. For many, it is a time to count blessings and reflect on the past 12 months, and We Work For Health is no different. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our partners and staff, 2016 was a year of progress we will continue to build on in 2017.

We Work For Health emerged from last winter’s deep freeze in March by announcing its Champions Class of 2016. These 13 individuals from across the biopharmaceutical sector were recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to not only represent their respective companies, but to advocate for the industry as a whole.

May started with the release of a video series titled, “We All Work For Health,”  featuring interviews with biopharmaceutical industry workers about their connection to local economies and governments. The series also included interviews with business and government leaders from communities across the US, emphasizing the industry’s connections to – and impact on – their communities.

Also in May, TEConomy Partners released a report detailing the positive impact of the biopharmaceutical industry on the wider U.S. economy. Proving the old axiom that a rising tide lifts all boats, TEConomy Partner’s report highlighted the industry’s direct support of 854,000 jobs, $1.2 trillion in economic output, and $105 billion in wages, as well as indirect support for 3.6 million jobs and heavy focus on research & development.

The report from TEConomy Partners laid the foundation for the June launch of We Work For Health’s microsite, detailing the industry’s positive impact on the economy. With a sleek, appealing design available across platforms, the interactive map detailed the state-by-state impact of the biopharmaceutical sector on the economy in terms of jobs, investment, and patient studies.

In July, We Work For Health held its fourth annual summit in Washington, DC, featuring a keynote address from Steve Ubl, a panel discussion featuring former Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Governor Howard Dean, and meetings with members of Congress. Biopharmaceutical industry leaders, business and economic development partners, and labor representatives from across the country attended. New partners from California, Florida, and New York were also able to attend and share their stories, as were representatives from the academic, faith-based, and patient communities. 

July also saw the launch of We Vote For Health’s 2016 election site. The second website launch of the year, provided workers in the biopharmaceutical industry with information on voting registration, polling places, candidates, and critical issues facing the industry – all with the same streamlined, stylish functionality of the industry impact microsite. The site was on display at We Vote For Health events throughout the election season and across the country.

During 2016, We Work For Health also recommitted to working for patients afflicted by Alzheimer’s and cancer. We stand by that commitment, and we hope to continue working for their health – and the health of all patients – in 2017 and beyond.