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We Work for Health Delaware is an effort to promote the significant social and economic value of the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors in our state. Our partnership includes biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as state and local chambers of commerce, academic and research institutions, labor, patient advocate groups, physicians and healthcare providers. Together, our mission is to drive innovation, research and development to new cures.

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Our vendor and supplier mapping project illustrates the biopharmaceutical industry's investment in our state economies and in the health of the patients we serve.

  • relationships 813 vendor relationships
  • spending $667,490,530 vendor spending
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Partner Spotlight
Danio Diary
Danio Diary

Danio's mission is to enable individuals and organizations to create personalized networks for care. Danio empowers patients to take control of their health and overall well-being with technology that links household members, medical professionals and other trusted sources of support to provide care updates in real time. Users provide data on their physical, mental and spiritual health between office visits and treatments to provide a more holistic view of the continuum of care. 

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Vendor Spotlight
Analtech, Inc.

Since 1961, Analtech, Inc. has been manufacturing quality thin layer chromatography plates, providing friendly and expert technical assistance and helping customers solve real problems with real solutions. 

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