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Launched in 2009, We Work For Health – Maryland is an effort to promote the significant social and economic value of the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors in our state. Our partnership includes biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as state and local chambers of commerce, academic and research institutions, labor, patient advocate groups, physicians and healthcare providers. Together, our mission is to drive innovation, research and development to new cures.

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Our vendor and supplier mapping project illustrates the biopharmaceutical industry's investment in our state economies and in the health of the patients we serve.

  • relationships 3,064 vendor relationships
  • spending $1,012,464,772 vendor spending
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MD WWFH Chatter
  • Grateful for America’s pro-innovation and pro-patient policies that avoid situations like this! A must read:
    3 hours ago
  • It’s National Blood Donor Month! Check out our partner, @DelmarvaBlood to see how you can donate today!
    2 days ago
  • Most Marylanders want more transparency in health costs & to know how hospitals determine those costs. We agree! #MoreTransparency
    2 days ago
Partner Spotlight
Immune Deficiency Foundation

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), founded in 1980, is the national non-profit patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of persons with PI through advocacy, education and research. There are approximately 250,000 people who are diagnosed with PI in the U.S., and thousands more go undetected.

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Vendor Spotlight
Global Biohazard Technologies, Inc.

Global Biohazard Technologies, Inc. is a full-service biocontainment and biosafety consulting company staffed by biosafety professionals committed to providing state-of-the-art biosafety consultation to institutions and companies concerned with the design, construction, and operation of their biocontainment facilities.

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