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Global Biohazard Technologies, Inc.

Federal regulation and guidelines regarding biological hazards and biocontainment facilities are increasing, while public opinion of these facilities is decreasing. With the promulgation of the Select Biological Agents and Toxins Act, the concern for biological safety is rapidly growing.

Global Biohazard Technologies, Inc. is a full-service biocontainment and biosafety consulting company staffed by biosafety professionals committed to providing state-of-the-art biosafety consultation to institutions and companies concerned with the design, construction, and operation of their biocontainment facilities.

The professional staff of Global Biohazard Technologies, Inc. (GBT) has over 80 combined years of experience in the design, evaluation, and operation of biocontainment laboratories. Our principals perform numerous biocontainment laboratory certifications/validations in the United States and abroad, as well as provide biocontainment operations training and specific solutions for clients’ unique biocontainment needs.


Biocontainment Facility Design and Construction Owner Advocate
Each biocontainment facility must be individually designed and constructed so that it not only contains the hazardous material, but also is easily maintained with minimum potential exposure to personnel and has flexibility for future projects. GBT works with facilities-planning personnel to identify the definitive requirements of your institution/company regarding both research and production containment facilities. GBT provides the expertise to ensure that architects and engineers accommodate the unique design and construction requirements of biocontainment facilities.

Biocontainment Certification/Validation
GBT works with your personnel to develop a sound, cost-effective certification/validation package that ensures your facility is functioning, as designed, to protect your personnel, products, and the environment. All clients that have their biocontainment facilities certified/validated by GBT have access to GBT professional personnel for email and phone consultation for a period of one year following the certification/validation.

Risk Assessment and Biosafety Program Development
GBT’s experienced professional biosafety experts work with your personnel at your site to perform biosafety assessments that result in reports containing cost-effective strategies to deal with your specific biosafety problems. Additionally, GBT provides an immediate response to specific biosafety concerns of your health and safety personnel through phone consultation.

Biohazard Awareness Training
Strong training is essential in the development and implementation of any effective biosafety program. GBT develops a site-specific biosafety training program in concert with your safety personnel to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.


GBT’s personnel have extensive experience in the industrial and institutional management of biohazardous materials. They have developed and implemented industrial and institutional biohazard control programs encompassing personnel training, screening, and vaccination programs. They have assisted in the design, construction, and certification/validation of numerous research and production facilities for the containment of biohazardous materials.

Additionally, GBT personnel have served on several government and industry committees dealing with the handling of potentially biohazardous materials, including: the EPA Committee for the revision of the "Guide for Infectious Waste Management", the CDC Committee for the revision of the agent summary statement for HIV-1 (AIDS virus), the WHO biosafety training guidelines, and the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards subcommittee for the development of a standard for the "Protection of Laboratory Workers from Infectious Disease Transmitted by Blood, Body Fluids, and Tissue.”

We at Global Biohazard Technologies, Inc. invite you to consider GBT for any of your biocontainment consulting needs. Please review our corporate and individual professional experience, as well as find further information on our services, on our website at
We consider ourselves part of your biosafety team and look forward to ensuring you are satisfied with our work.

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