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We Work for Health of Massachusetts seeks to educate our elected leaders, the news media and the communities they serve about the important contributions these companies and their employees make to the health and economic security of individuals, local communities, and to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The biopharmaceutical sector directly supported 55,184 jobs in Massachusetts in 2014, and an additional 209,447 jobs outside the sector. These additional jobs are with vendors and suppliers such as construction companies and I.T. companies, and jobs generated by the sector’s employees such as day care centers and restaurants. The industry not only helps drive the Massachusetts economy, but also leads the world in life-saving research and supports a vibrant patient advocacy community. Biopharmaceutical research companies and their employees play a critical role in improving the health and well-being of Massachusetts’ patients by delivering life-saving, life-enhancing advancements in medicine. In addition to working to improve health and economic viability, many biopharmaceutical companies provide philanthropic outreach in local communities across Massachusetts through grants and programs supporting access to affordable health coverage and medicine, primary and secondary education, social services, arts, and other community needs.

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Our vendor and supplier mapping project illustrates the biopharmaceutical industry's investment in our state economies and in the health of the patients we serve.

  • relationships 9,102 vendor relationships
  • spending $3,670,351,268 vendor spending
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Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to highlight the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce in this quarter's Partner Spolight. The chamber is the lead organization for economic development serving the region's business community. They have a terrific membership and are a great WWFH MA partner. 

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